Media and Journalism

Iowa has headline-worthy careers in media, journalism and reporting.

If want a job in which you write, report, edit, produce, proof, place, direct, design, film, research, record or are otherwise involved in creating or distributing content for the masses, Iowa is the perfect place to build your personal media empire.

You can report the news at one of about 50 television stations across the state, or at one of nearly 300 newspapers spanning all 99 counties (that’s more newspapers per capita than any other state, by the way). Several national magazine publishers have established tenure here, and there are enough radio stations to keep you scanning for weeks.

Then there are the 12 accredited journalism schools in Iowa, plus several newspaper, journalism and broadcasters’ associations, each of which are happy to help you learn more about available opportunities or connect you with the right people.

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On the Campaign Trail

Dozens of national news outlets descend on Iowa every four years to cover the Iowa Caucuses, providing plenty of opportunities to land a gig or just rub elbows with media’s biggest names.

If you have a story to tell, don’t leave yourself hanging — there are mastheads, bylines and credit reels waiting to be filled in Iowa!

Veterans Wanted

Find communities and employers offering specific benefits for Veterans at Homebase Iowa