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A lot of people know a lawyer joke or two, but we’re happy to say Iowa isn’t part of the punchline.
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Central Iowa is in the top six best places in the nation for law graduates.

You know what they say. The world doesn’t need more lawyers. But the world always needs more good lawyers. And so does Iowa. Allow us to make a case why Iowa is the perfect place to launch your legal career.

There are currently only about 2,900 lawyers employed within 100 miles of central Iowa. Of those, about 1,200 are age 55 and older.

Simply put, we want you here. And the incentives are growing. Our economy and our population are expanding, meaning the need for legal services will increase exponentially in coming years. Plus, almost half of central Iowa’s lawyers are near retirement age, which means demand is high for young professionals to take their places.

In 1869, Arabella Mansfield, an Iowa native, became the first woman in the U.S. to pass the Bar Exam.

So engage in some discovery, check the books, pull the records, call a witness and get your strategy together. We set the bar high here, and we’ve got just one thing to say for our final argument: If you have any objections to Iowa’s law scene, the joke might be on you.

Lawyers in Iowa make $93,000 a year on average. Starting pay is a not-too-shabby $43,000, while big wigs can pull $182,00 a year and up (and up and up).
Just starting out?

Check out the University of Iowa College of Law located in Iowa’s Cedar Rapids Iowa City Corridor. Aside from being the oldest law school west of the Mississippi, U.S. News ranks it the 20th-best law school in the nation. That’s not bad, especially considering it also has the lowest cost in the top 27.

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