Iowa’s energy industry is highly efficient and highly rewarding.

Although Iowa’s energy industry is among the state’s smallest, employing about 10,000 people, it is also one of the fastest growing. Wing energy jobs are expected to increase 30 percent by 2020, and the average Iowa salary for this competitive industry is a healthy $90,000 — 85 percent higher than the average statewide salary across all other positions.

There are six investor-owned energy utilities in Iowa, including the nation’s top utility provider for wind-generated power. With more than 2,020 wind turbines in operation, Iowa produces more wind energy as a percentage of output than any other sate in the country, meaning energy generation, transmission, distribution, and equipment repair and upkeep are highly valued skills.

Fuel production and processing also represent a major sector of Iowa’s energy industry. Our massive corn and soybean harvests have given rise to a widespread biofuels infrastructure or more than 50 processing sites, including the world’s first cellulosic ethanol facility. Together, these facilities help fuel the nation, providing more than one-quarter of the total U.S. supply of ethanol and about 14 percent of its biodiesel.

An incredible array of wind turbines and biofuels processors make Iowa super-charged leader for renewable energy generation.

Iowa’s largest energy utility, MidAmerican Energy Company, recently announced a 100 percent renewable vision, which aims to transfer all of the company’s energy investments to wind and solar by 2018.


The city of Ames, Iowa, has underwritten a new sustainability project called SunSmart, which is designed to provide any Ames, Iowa, electric customer the option to opt to use solar energy at their home or business.

Alliant Energy

In addition to three solar farms in eastern Iowa, Alliant Energy has a large presence in Ames. The company recently announced a $1 billion investment in expanding their wind generation resources in Iowa.

Partners in Progress

Check out a network of almost 250 member-owned electric co-ops, municipal utilities and independent telecommunications companies across Iowa: check out the Iowa Area Development Group for a closer look at the energy sector in Iowa.

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