Arts and Entertainment

It’s time to get cultured. Lucky for you, Iowa is no lightweight in arts, music and entertainment.

Part of why Iowa is so culturally rich is because we’re literally in the middle of it all: I-80 and I-35 meet in Iowa, making our state an ideal stop for a variety of touring bands, shows, performers, speakers and exhibits from around the country and world.

We’ve got 523 museums that will satisfy the most curious minds, Broadway shows fit for the world stage and symphonies that will pluck your heartstrings. You can explore 14 film festivals, 47 arts festivals, check out an exhibition, catch a ball game or cruise one of 99 county fairs (including the Iowa State Fair, which welcomes more than one million visitors each year).

Want to get specific? There’s any number of interest-based events, meet-ups and clubs all over Iowa — check out the groups below or just ask around — we know your right brain won’t be left wanting for anything it desires.

Find year-round arts, music and entertainment in one of the Midwest’s fastest-growing cultural hotspots.

Arts Advocates

The Ames Community Arts Council is dedicated to serving and building a successful arts community in central Iowa.

Iowa’s Creative Corridor is a seven-county region in eastern Iowa that boasts an $80 million annual arts economy and supplies 2,500 dedicated arts jobs every year.

Des Moines Arts Festival

There are 47 notable arts festivals in Iowa, but perhaps the most famous is the Des Moines Arts Festival, an annual event that has been named the top festival in the world (that’s out of all festivals, by the way).

Art Center of Burlington

Contemplate a masterpiece or check out the latest exhibit at the Art Center of Burlington, which boasts a truly impressive collection of the region’s most renowned artists from past and present.


Concert-goers love Iowa’s growing festival scene. Check out Tree Town in Forest City, 80/35 in Des Moines and Hinterland in St. Charles, or get up close and personal at any of the hallowed venues that dot the state, like the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake.

Veterans Wanted

Find communities and employers offering specific benefits for Veterans at Homebase Iowa