Animal Health and Science

With so many opportunities to sniff out in animal health and sciences, you won’t have to search long to land the perfect job.

With human societies, wildlife conservatories, and thousands of farms and families all looking for qualified vets, treat yourself to a successful career in animal health by following your instincts to Iowa. If you’re looking for a place to grow, you might not find a better place to start.

Ag is huge, but all sorts of furry, scaled and feathered friends, from dogs, cats to horses — and yes, even lions, tigers and bears — benefit from Iowa’s animal health pros. There are tons of opportunities available at companies protecting animals with innovative new vaccines and medicines, and at others that are developing new animal feed and nutrient technologies.

Even more paths emanate from the nationally recognized animal science programs at Iowa State University and nearby federal labs such as the USDA’s National Animal Disease Center. So, whatever your pedigree, Iowa’s growing animal science industry wants you here. Is your tail wagging yet?

Iowa raises more pigs and chickens than any other state, meaning ag animal specialists are in high demand.

Join the Pack

Compared to the national average, 60 percent more veterinarians are employed in Iowa than in any other state, giving us the distinct title of having one of the highest concentrations of vets in the world.

Have a hard-to-scratch itch?

Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, is a national leader in vet sciences, offering a range of degrees for highly specialized animal health services for ag, domestic and exotic animals.

Close for Comfort

Due to the expertise found at ISU, numerous animal health companies and startups have made Ames, Iowa, their homes.

Veterans Wanted

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